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Secondary students


Students can spend their free time in different ways. There is a basketball court outside, inside there are a fitness centre, a table tennis table and rackets, computers with internet access and a big TV. We also have new sound system and music equipment.

There are music rooms with instruments such as pianos, an accordion, a guitar and a synthesizer.

Students can take part in numerous free time activities:

  • futsal
  • volleyball
  • fitness
  • hiking
  • table tennis
  • social games
  • a theatre group
  • cultural activities
  • chamber music
  • creative workshops
  • journalism
  • relaxation techniques
  • horticultural club
  • social club
  • movie nights at the Cinema Union
  • theatre performances in SLG Celje

Dijaški in študentski
dom Celje

Ljubljanska cesta 21
3000 Celje, Slovenija


T: 041 621 266
E: info@dijaski-dom.si

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