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Secondary students

Life here

You can spend your free time sporting (Mavs basketball court, fitness, table tennis…), cultural (music classes, cinema, theater, library…), social (cafe, common areas with TVs, events…).

Safety and convenience

Instead of wasting time driving to school and home, use the time for studying, training or leisure activities.


What we offer our guests.

Our secondary school students and university students get accomodation, meals, they can use sports areas and music rooms.

We are situated in the vicinity of schools and faculties.

You can take a -15 minute walk along The River Savinja to get to the furthest school. The closest school is just a minute away.

Delicious and healthy food.

We make sure our students and guests get meals that are carefully and professionally prepared.

We offer more than just a roof over your head.

Our guests can use sports areas, play music in music rooms, visit our modern café, or find some company in many common rooms.

Take a look

You can feel the youthful energy at every step. Lifelong friendships are made here.

Getting used to independence and responsibility begins when you cross our doors. Living in a community also teaches you adaptability and patience.

Dijaški in študentski
dom Celje

Ljubljanska cesta 21
3000 Celje, Slovenija


T: 041 621 266
E: info@dijaski-dom.si

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