University Students

Erasmus students

Beds for Erasmus students in the student dormitories are limited. You can choose between single or double rooms. Kitchen, bathroom, and toilets are shared. There are no dishes in the dormitory kitchen. Blankets, pillows, and bed-sheets are provided in the rooms, but you should bring your own towels. The washing machine for dirty laundry is also provided and shared. All rooms have an internet connection (Wi-Fi).

The dorm is located near all faculties and merely 5 minutes away from the center of town. There is a sports field by the dorm that offers plenty of opportunities for recreation.

You have to pay the rent for the whole semester in one single instalment; you can pay either together with the deposit, through the bank, or when you arrive to the dorm.

The price for single room is 185 €, double room costs 135 €.



Tjaša Rovere, Head of Student Office

+ 386 3 42 66 608