Student Dormitories

Student dormitory Celje is located near the city centre and in the vicinity of many schools. The immediate vicinity boasts a shopping centre and the local bus line stop. There is an outdoor playing field where you can actively spend your free time. Only a short walk separates you from the Celje city park and recreational trails along the Savinja river. Guests can enjoy affordable and at the same time extremely high-quality accommodation.

Everyday life

Secondary school students, university students, and guests reside at the student dormitories Celje. Dorm activities include lessons, guided extracurricular activities, and leisure activities. University students may also join in the activities that are organized in the dorm. All residents can socialize in the common rooms. Sports enthusiasts can use outdoor and indoor sports facilities. We also provide access to the internet, because we are aware that access to information is essential for successful studying. Our hostel is intended primarily for groups, because our services are professional and affordable, and therefore our hostel is interesting for many visitors.




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